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Customize your wedding planning experience with Evermore!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Photo by: Iris Photography

The beginning of your wedding planning journey can feel daunting. You know you want to start planning, but may feel unsure where to start! This is the perfect time to consult a wedding planner for guidance.

It can be challenging in the beginning of your planning journey to know exactly what you need from a planner. You may already have your wedding vision created, but are unsure how to execute it - or - you might have no idea what vision you are going for. Regardless of where you are at in your planning, our goal is meet you exactly where are you! We created Evermore with the understanding that EVERY wedding is unique, EVERY couple is unique, and therefore EVERY couple has unique wedding planning needs.

This is why we have no set wedding planning packages. You read that right - our planning packages are completely customizable and designed by you! We want you to get the most out of your planning experience and understand that the best way we can support you is by allowing you to create a planning package that meets all your requirements and only includes the elements you need.

The beginning of your journey working with our team starts at your consultation. During our consultations we discuss your unique goals and planning needs and begin our customization process. We will start by discussing our "pre-designed" packages and begin to chat about the desired customizations to make the package best suited for you!

To take advantage of our personalized wedding planning experience, submit an inquiry or schedule a consultation today!

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