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Black Tie Wedding Inspiration!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

When it comes to wedding celebrations, few themes embody the essence of elegance and

sophistication quite like black-tie. A black-tie wedding evokes a sense of timeless glamour,

allowing couples to create a luxurious atmosphere that is both stylish and memorable. To

showcase the allure of this luxurious theme, we had the pleasure of organizing a breathtaking black tie wedding styled shoot. In this blog post, we will take you behind the scenes and unveil the inspiration behind this enchanting affair, from the color palette and exquisite details to the stunning florals and opulent attire.

Elements we chose to focus on for our black-tie theme:

1. The Vision:

a. Our vision for this black-tie wedding styled shoot was to capture the essence of a

grand, romantic celebration steeped in elegance. We wanted to showcase the

beauty of classic elements intertwined with modern touches, resulting in a

visually stunning experience that would inspire couples planning their own black-

tie weddings.

2. The Color Palette:

a. For our styled shoot, we chose a refined color palette consisting of black, white,

and gold. This timeless combination exuded sophistication while providing a

striking contrast that emphasized the opulence of the event. The monochromatic

backdrop allowed the intricate details and textures to shine, creating a truly

captivating ambiance.

3. Opulent Attire:

a. The attire for our styled shoot was carefully chosen to reflect the epitome of

black-tie elegance. We didn’t have a groom available for this shoot but suggest a

classic black tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie, exuding

sophistication and style. The bride wore a breathtaking satin dress with a simple

silhouette that exuded grace and glamour. The combination of this attire creates a

visually stunning contrast that epitomized the essence of a black-tie affair.

4. Luxurious Décor:

a. A classic black tie styled shoot exudes an aura of timeless elegance and

sophistication. Every aspect of the decor was meticulously designed to reflect the

grandeur and refinement of a black-tie wedding. We adorned the tables with crisp

white linens, minimal black charger plates, and delicate glassware. Tall, slender

candelabras adorned with cascading baby’s breath and lush white roses served as

centerpieces, adding a touch of romance and opulence. The flickering candlelight

added a warm, intimate glow to the surroundings, creating a truly magical


5. Captivating Details:

a. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we incorporated captivating details throughout

the styled shoot. The stationery featured elegant yet minimal and modern font,

setting the tone for the sophisticated affair. A custom-designed white wedding

cake, adorned with white roses on an elegant gold stand, served as a focal point of

the dessert table. We also incorporate a champagne tower for a touch of

sophisticated whimsy.

Putting the vision together:

1. Embrace a Monochromatic Palette:

A monochromatic color palette consisting of black, white, and gold serves as the

foundation for a classic black tie styled shoot. Embrace the timeless elegance of

black and white as the primary colors, while incorporating touches of gold for

added opulence and warmth. Use these colors throughout your decor selections to

create a cohesive and refined aesthetic.

2. Select Luxurious Fabrics and Textures:

To enhance the luxurious ambiance, choose fabrics and textures that exude

elegance and sophistication. Opt for sumptuous textiles such as velvet, satin, and

silk for table linens, drapery, and upholstery. These fabrics add depth and richness

to the overall design and beautifully complement the formal black-tie attire.

3. Incorporate Statement Centerpieces:

Centerpieces serve as focal points on tables and contribute significantly to the

overall aesthetic. Opt for statement floral arrangements that exude opulence and

grandeur. Select white roses, hydrangeas, or orchids combined with lush greenery

and cascading vines. Incorporate tall, elegant candelabras or gold-rimmed crystal

vases to create a sense of height and drama. These centerpieces will add a touch

of romance and sophistication to the tablescape.

4. Enhance with Metallic Accents:

Gold accents are essential in creating a luxurious ambiance for a classic black tie

styled shoot. Incorporate gold in subtle and tasteful ways, such as gold-rimmed

charger plates, gold cutlery, or gold-foil stationery. Introduce metallic accents

through candleholders, picture frames, or even gilded furniture pieces. These

touches of gold will elevate the overall design and add a touch of glamour.

5. Pay Attention to Table Settings:

Table settings are an integral part of the decor selection for a black-tie styled

shoot. Use crisp white table linens as a base and layer with black or gold accents.

Opt for elegant china with gold or silver trim and pair with crystal glassware to

create a refined and sophisticated look. Complete the setting with delicate white

or gold napkins, secured with gold napkin rings or tied with luxurious satin


Decor selection is crucial in capturing the essence of a classic black tie styled shoot. Embrace a monochromatic palette of black, white, and gold, select luxurious fabrics and textures, incorporate statement centerpieces and metallic accents, and pay attention to table settings and ambient lighting. These carefully chosen elements will come together to create an enchanting and timeless ambiance that reflects the refined elegance of a black-tie affair. With meticulous attention to detail and an eye for sophistication, your styled shoot will exude the timeless charm and allure that defines the classic black-tie theme.

Our black-tie wedding styled shoot was a celebration of timeless elegance, showcasing the

beauty and allure of this sophisticated theme. From the refined color palette and opulent attire to the captivating details and luxurious decor, every element came together to create a visually stunning experience. We hope this styled shoot serves as inspiration for couples seeking to infuse their own weddings with enchanting elegance, and that it encourages them to embrace the allure of a black-tie affair.

Photos in this blog were captured by: Daylene Wilson Photography

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