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Special ways to share your vows!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Photo by: Gavin Stebbins Photography

Sharing vows is such a special and intimate addition to your wedding day! However, not everyone feels comfortable speaking so emotionally in front of all their wedding guests. Don't let the fear of public speaking stop you from writing vows - there are so many other special ways to share them with your partner!

First Look / First touch

Sharing your vows during your first look / first touch is the perfect way to enhance this special moment! It is also a great opportunity to share your vows in private, if you are not wanting to speak them publicly during your ceremony.


Write your vows in letters to each other to be read the morning of your wedding! If speaking your vows makes you nervous, writing them down in a letter is the perfect alternative. This is also a great option if you are wanting your vows to be private, but are not planning for a first look / touch! Some people are far better at writing than speaking their feelings (I know I am!), so writing a letter to your partner on your wedding day could be the perfect options to say everything you want to say!

After your ceremony

Schedule alone time with your partner after your ceremony and before photos! Share your vows alone together during your first few moments officially married!

Wine box Ceremony

The wine box ceremony is a really special option to ensure that your vows are included in many anniversary to come! Whether you share your vows on your wedding day prior to putting them in the box, or just put them in the box to be read on a future anniversary, this is such an intimate way to share your vows!

My husband and I did a wine box unity ceremony on our wedding day and have chosen to not open the box until our 5th wedding anniversary! I am already so incredibly excited for this anniversary to come and get to re-share the vows we spoke on our wedding day!

Frame them

This option is great for a wedding day gift OR a special home decor addition after your wedding! If you are not planning on sharing vows on your wedding day, it's such a special gift to write vows and have them framed as a present to your partner on your wedding day! Or - if you are wondering what to do with your vows after your wedding - putting them on a canvas and hanging them in your home is such a special reminder of your love!

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