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Vendor Spotlight: Olivia Andruss Artistry

Photos by @emilybeltranphotography

When it comes to weddings, every couple dreams of creating an unforgettable

experience that not only reflects their love story but also leaves a lasting impression on

their guests. In the pursuit of unique and personalized wedding trends, the spotlight has

turned to a mesmerizing and artistic concept: Live Wedding Painters. These talented

artists skillfully capture the essence of a couple's special day on canvas, creating a

masterpiece that immortalizes the celebration in a truly remarkable way.

Painting by: Olivia Andruss Artistry

One Particular Wedding Painter, Olivia Andruss, has been live painting since October 2021. While it very first started just as a favor for a friend, she really fell in love with the whole experience of delivering such a unique keepsake to couples. Olivia really enjoys

how the feelings and overall atmosphere of the day impacts her as an artist and that

same emotion can be felt when looking at the finished product. 

Painting by: Olivia Andruss Artistry

An interesting fact about her business is that she is the only live wedding painter in

Colorado to switch from a background in 2D animation and digital art into the world of fine art and painted portraits! 

Her favorite part of working a wedding is the LOVE!!! The couple’s vows, the people there to celebrate and support them just really touches her heart and brings her romantic heart so much joy that these people have found their person, and that true love can conquer the day. 

Painting by: Olivia Andruss Artistry

Live wedding painting is a form of live event artistry that beautifully blends creativity and

wedding festivities. As the event unfolds, the live wedding painter transforms the scene

into a work of art, right before the eyes of the attendees. Every brushstroke captures not

just the visual details, but the emotions, atmosphere, and ambiance of the moment. The

result is an artistic time capsule that freezes cherished moments in time.

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